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Sri Vinayaga College of Education

Our Motto



Our vision is to offer high quality education and train the teachers to acquire knowledge to cope with the challenges of contemporary life and strive for excellence in the field of teaching and contribute to the multifaceted development of student society.


To impart value based teacher education for shaping the trainee teachers to Enlighten the future generation, Education is trained the mind to think our mission leads to shape our Pre-service teacher like a National Leader of this world, India will become a glorious nation through our teachers.

Daily Updates
  • 1. Two-Year B.Ed. Degree Programme (Semester Pattern Under CBCS)With effect from the Academic Year 2021 – 2022
    2.Our college you tube channel link
    3.B.Ed First Year Exam Starts February 10 on wards.
Welcome to Sri Vinayaga College of Education


"A sound mind in a sound body"

Physical education is the education for equipping the body and mind. Plato said, Body and Mind should be driven alike, like a pair of Horses hitched to a shaft. It is our aim to improve the mass of students and to give them good health as well as the Strong Mind.

S.No Description Details
1 Volley Ball 6
2 Throw Ball 8
3 Badminton Ball 7
4 Badminton Racket 10
5 Badminton Cork 5 Box
6 Badminton net 2
7 Volley Ball net 2
8 Throw ball net 2
9 Shot Put 3
10 Discus throw 3
11 Javelin 3
12 Carrom Board 6
13 Carrom Powder 3 box
14 Cricket Ball 6
15 Cricket Bat 4
16 Cricket Stump 6
17 Stop watch 1
18 Measuring Tape 1
19 Chess Board 6