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Welcome to Sri Vinayaga College of Education
History of College


Our college has various committees, which operates very actively throughout the year, they organize various meetings, events, programmes etc., on a periodic basis and keep them engaged on extracurricular activities also along with their academic studies. This also helps to gain leadership skills to every students by participating in various committees.

Our college staff are also very enthusiastic to conduct and participate in every committee meeting and events and encourages students to perform well in each of the events. Every staff members also voluntarily take ownership of office bearers position and drives every committee activities.

College committee

S.No Name Designation
1 Prof V.Ganesan President
2 Mr.K.Namachivayam Advisor
3 Mr.M.Velusamy Advisor
4 Dr.V.Rameshkumar Secretary
5 Mr.K.Kumar Member
6 Mr.P.Sakthivel Member

Committee In-charges

S.No Name Designation In-charge
1 Dr.V.Rameshkumar Principal Staff& Student council
2 P.Sakthivel Asst professor Grievance and Redressal committee
3 K.Kumar Asst professor Cultural
4 D.Kathirvel Asst professor Anti Ragging
5 A.Vivekanandan Asst professor Magazine Committee
6 P.Kavitha Asst professor Library Advisory committee
7 S.Durairaj Asst professor PRC & YRC
8 A.Senthil Raja Asst professor Green Resource